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My personal example of dating on the Internet

In addition to those who found their happiness on the Internet, on the hookup site, I also know people who were quite disappointed. A friend once told me about a date with a passionate hobby angler who didn’t know any other topic of conversation. She felt totally uncomfortable, but didn’t want to offend him. In the end, she must have seemed so bored that he lost all interest in further conversation.
And of course I have also heard stories from women who looked for a sporty man at the agreed location and were then approached by a stocky man with a very personal self-awareness. This is probably one of the most common prejudices: that someone describes themselves online as well-trained and attractive and in reality carries a small pug belt around with them.
As you can read in the individual test articles, I didn’t meet any of my contacts. Instead of a personal meeting, there was only a video chat. Still, I don’t think any of the men described themselves as deviating from reality. Most of the members of partner exchanges upload several photos so that you can get a very good – and realistic – picture.
In the beginning it was a little difficult for me to present myself. Admittedly, that’s not my great strength. But it’s part of it and over time it just got easier. My heart was pounding when I first sent messages to men. Many thoughts then buzzed through my head.
“I hope he doesn’t find this totally stupid” or “Oh man, how embarrassing! I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t answer ”- such doubts were simply part of my life at first.

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